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Adamantine is the greatest of all metals, and its ore is the key to the prison of the demons that dwell beneath the earth.

Finding Adamantine

Adamantine, while highly prized by dwarves, is also the most dangerous metals to extract.  Dig too deep, and the demons will be released from their prison, bringing even the strongest armies to their knees.

Adamantine and Steelhold

Adamantine was first mined in Steelhold under orders from the Masked Dwarf, for reasons unknown even to those who mined it.  Much of the initial find disappeared overnight, and a permanent guard over the adamanine storehouse was created under the reign of Emdief.  It is known that the Masked Dwarf found a way to imbue itself with adamantine, presumably to increase its magical powers.

Extraction and smelting of adamantine occurred during the rule of Corley, who attempted to make use of it as part of his M.A.S.K. Project.

Properties of Adamantine

While adamantine is both extremely light and extremely hard, capable of forming edges sharper than any normal metal, perhaps its most interesting feature is that it radiates a magical field constantly.  Nobody is sure where this field comes from, but the Masked Dwarf utilized this property to enhance its magical abilities, with the possible end goal of removing dependence on its masters.