In spite of having no real political ties in Steelhold, Asmoth is the fortress's manager and chief medical dwarf. She is responsible for turning most of the fortress into vampires, which she claims was done in the name of science.

Name/Aliases Asmoth

The Inconsiderate Moth

Race Dwarf (Former)

Vampire (Current)




Chief Medical Dwarf


Vampire Progenitor

Militia Commander





Asmoth was a doctor to the royal family for years, until it was discovered that she was liberally siphoning funds to provide comfortable living for herself. After this, Queen Brasswords had her put in a glass cage for years until she was sent to Steelhold. This seems to have had drastic impacts on her personality.

Against the BaronEdit

Though she arrived in Steelhold near the beginning of Modi's reign, Asmoth mostly stayed out of the political side of the fortress until the Day of Reckoning. When the event began, she allied with the masked dwarf to reanimate Modi. Instead of confronting her nephew, Asmoth then assembled a team to purge Steelhold of the baron's transformative gas with fire.

When Lenehan was found dead, Asmoth obtained his notes on the formula he had used, but became obsessed with the magic the masked dwarf used to reanimate Modi when her husband died. She spent several years pursuing this goal.

The Year of the VampireEdit

With Steelhold thrown into chaos after breaching hell, Asmoth took control of the fortress in the year 260. She released Ilral Inkyfierce the vampire from his prison, and using his blood and Lenehan's research, she converted most of Steelhold's population into vampires in what she called Project Immortality. Once this was complete, she stepped down as leader of the fortress once she had convicted Queen Brasswords of every death that had occurred during the project.

The Fall of SteelholdEdit

Asmoth was perhaps the first dwarf to witness Steelhold's impending doom, seeing Corley letting his demons into the fortress. She is partially responsible for Steelhold's status as an obsidian crater, as a bomb she set up would allow vast amounts of seawater to cool the magma released by Oku's death.

Asmoth fled Steelhold following a fight with Corley that left her badly wounded. She travelled north, seeking both her daughter and a new fortress to transform. Her movements afterwards are currently unknown, but she would go on to become a villain in many dwarven legends.


-Medicine: Asmoth is a capable doctor when she puts her mind to it, but her medical knowledge is mostly put to use skinning people or turning them into vampires.


In spite of her profession, Asmoth cares very little, or not at all, about anyone outside her immediate family. She appears to have no sense of empathy, as in spite of her only expressing animosity towards three, she has no problem maiming or killing patients and prisoners, even going so far as to dose a patient with Lenehan's experimental formula just to see what would happen. Although she appears to care a great deal for her last surviving daughter, Thikut, she also sees nothing wrong with asking the child to examine corpses and assassinate non vampires.

When treating Steelhold's injured, Asmoth usually seems uninterested in her dwarven patients, normally being disappointed that she didn't get the opportunity to study the beasts that maimed them.

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