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Race Dwarf
Gender Male






For most of his life Bomber was a hunter that helped his family's leather industry with animal hides. But when war with the goblins came about, Bomber was found expendable enough to get drafted into a squad of Marksdwarves. Most of dimwits there barely could hold a crossbow without putting a bolt through their foot. Squad leader was not much better. So, for most part of the war the squad of Marksdwarves spent trying to hit a target instead of themselves. It haven't served it's purpose, because near the end the training war ended. Bomber was upset by such situation, as he eagerly wanted to seek glory on the battlefield. Distressed, Bomber decided that he was going to find glory another way, by going on an adventure. After some brainstorming he decided the best way to start this would be stealing from a noble. Lucky for him, local guards came just in time as noble has nearly changed his mind about letting Bomber live. Aspiring Marksdwarf served a year of his sentence before being sent to the penal colony with other prisoners and Obok, Queen's spy, who, for an unknown purpose, took him as her husband.


Bomber arrived at penal colony during Sarrak's shadow reign on 25th Slate of year 252, alongside with his newly-married wife. He was pretty much left for himself after introduction to the colony and spent his time happily hunting outside - which lead to his early departure.


Bomber was encircled by a goblin ambush when he returned home from a hunting trip the same year he arrived. Unfortunately for him, axegoblins were much, much faster. Bomber's wife, Obok, failed to avenge him, only taking an arm of squad commander and running for some time after fleeing goblins into the scorching desert.


He was somewhat timid and easily-manipulated. Pretty much everyone, his wife included, swayed his personal opinions aside on a whim. Though, Bomber was happy with that if things didn't go rough for him. He was also quite unlucky guy in general. Ill-fated robbery, conscription to army, arrival to Steelhold despite already serving his sentence, death by goblins - first death of all, if records do not lie here.