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DWEORH is an active organization in Demongate with questionable purpose. Established in the fortress during 664, it gained power and influence through Torvald's role as overseer. As of 665, the primary activity of DWEORH is the construction of mine cart tracks for the transport of mechanisms to the lower levels of the fortress.

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DWEORH Headquarters


Demongate (Dubious)




The earliest known incarnation of DWEORH is mentioned by Leopold in late 664. Before migrating to Demongate, DWEORH was started as a small club consisting very few members. Very little is known of its early existence, and its early goals are a total mystery.


Whilst under the guise of Torvald, Leopold managed to achieve the role of overseer, granting him authority over the Demongate (under watchful eyes of the Evening Prayer Group). During his reign, he took over the abandoned Miner's Guild House and began expanding upon it, forming the DWEORH Headquarters. This structure served as a stop to the planned mine cart tracks, designed by Leopold to deliver spears and mechanisms to the lower levels of Demongate. Despite their suspicion of his activity in the lower caverns, the Evening Prayer Group did not stop Leopold from establishing DWEORH.

Despite its presence, it is unclear exactly how many members the organization actually gathered in Demongate, as most of those that worked on the headquarters and the cart track were merely doing the bidding of the overseer. The continued influence of DWEORH over Demongate is yet to be seen.


Public activity has been low thus far, as the organization is relatively new. It currently works on improving the structure of its headquarters and on expanding the mine cart tracks.

Secretly, DWEORH seeks to aid Corley in the implementation and completion of his Ascension Project.