DWEORH Headquarters

DWEORH Headquarters is a structure located in lower section of Demongate. Constructed out of the abandoned Miner's Guild House in 664, this fortress serves as the base of operations for DWEORH and Leopold.


First Level

DWEORH HQ Floor 1.png
The first level c. 664.
The first level of the headquarters is the entryway. Its main section is a large lobby, containing a stairway leading upwards to the second level and downwards into the exposed Adamantine pillar. This lobby contains a pump room in a side chamber. Here, water can be manually pumped from the cavern into a reservoir for consumption.

A passageway to the side leads out to the caverns and to Sedilkosoth. For security measures, this passageway contains a drawbridge controlled by a lever in the second level. In addition, several traps are constructed behind the drawbridge, to stop creatures from passing through.

Second Level

DWEORH HQ Floor 2.png
The second level c. 664.
The second level contains the converted Miner's Guild House. It is comprised of three bedrooms, one room containing a well, and a conference room. To the side is a track stop for the mine cart tracks, which lead out of the headquarters and up the upward passage to the upper cavern levels.
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