Steelhold Wiki
Full Name The Society of Worshippers of the True Gods of the World
Current Leadership The Masked Dwarf
Headquarters Lower Steelhold


Steelhold (dubious)

True Gods

Origin of the Cult

When the Masked Dwarf arrived at Steelhold, he began assembling a cult in the worship of what he called the "true gods ".  Lured by promises of power and the fulfillment of their desires, clinging to the dwarf who had saved them from Lenehan, many answered the call of the masked prophet.  Included among these were Rhaken 's wife and several of his soldiers.

Activities of the Cult

The cult in Steelhold was not simply a static entity.  It's presence within Steelhold was felt in a variety of ways, including the mining of the first adamantine.  After Lorius Zane arrived at the fortress, a state of undeclared was existed between the cult and the worshippers of the dwarven gods, though it never got beyond scuffles in unused passageways.

Decline of the Cult

Eventually, the cult began to fall into decline.  With the reign of Emdief , and lacking any clear goal, many of the cultists turned from the thaumaturgist and rejoined the world at large.  When the cleric Lorius Zane began a crusade to stamp out the cult, still more members abandoned it, leaving only a few, diehard members.

The End of the Cult

Just before the Masked Dwarf left for parts unknown, he called together his surviving followers to one final meeting.  At that meeting, he unleashed power that consumed all in his presence and disappeared, possibly forever.