"Demongate's" ending is a theoretical concept relating to the idea that the story will actually get finished. Presently, no such ending exists, and the level of activity in the thread has caused analysts to project that the ending will never actually be written. Thus, most agree that "Demongate" will remain one of man's unfinished tales.



In olden times, a group of nerdy 'spergs with nothing better to do with their time were members of the Bay 12 Forums. Lacking actual social lives, they formed a thread to host their forum game "Steelhold." Their attachment to this game grew as they became more and more obsessed with their characters and the "brilliant story" that they had formed. Thus, the game grew and their group became more tightly-knit and exclusive, consequentially alienating potential players.

Eventually, however, the game came to an end. The story itself concluded in a great mess of lazy writing; the entire ending sequence can be summarized as "everyone dies." In fact, only four or five characters actually came out of the ending alive, mostly because the players were so autistic as to form a bond with their characters that they were not willing to break. With characters remaining, however, ends of the story were left loose.


Eventually, the players became unable stand being without their forums games and roleplay, and thus they began another one called "Demongate." This one was even worse than the first—when the only vaguely interesting character is an old librarian, you know something has gone wrong.


Being that the new game thoroughly sucked, the players quickly lost interest. Those that didn't leave outright simply stopped posting. One player in particular chose to commit forum-suicide by moderator, though that's another story entirely.


Most scholars agree that the ending will never get written. Several of the players now seem to have things that vaguely resemble lives, drastically limiting their available time to post. Also, the players of "Steelhold" and "Demongate" are inherently fat and lazy, resulting in the understandable required break-time during writing sessions. Because of this, it may take a player several months to post a single paragraph. All of these factors and more contribute to the lack of the ending's existence.

Predicted EndingEdit

Demongate Ending

Artist's interpretation of likely ending scenario

Although we will never see the true ending, most agree that it would consist of essentially the same shit of which "Steelhold's" ending consisted: "Everyone dies."


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