The Demongate Guardians were a secret group founded by Sir Brenzen the Bold and Tarmid to defend the fortress and root out enemy activity. The original idea for the guardians went back to the first few years of the fortress, as a group to be called together in case of an emergency. Over time, Tarmid and Sir Brenzen selected three dwarves as the original members: the mayor, the master mechanic, and a skilled doctor.

Full Name The Guardians of Demongate
Current Leadership The Guardian Council
Headquarters Guardian's Meeting Chambers
Affiliation Demongate


The Demongate Guardians were called together during the year 666 in response to possible threats to the fortress. The exact reasons for Sir Brenzen calling the group together are unknown, but as the group was to be formed in a time of crisis it can be assumed that something major is happening.


Council MembersEdit

The council consists of the five founding members of the Guardians.

  • Sir Brenzen
  • Tarmid
  • Ingish, head engineer
  • Bomrek, doctor and anatomy expert
  • Tun, mayor of Demongate

Direct ContactsEdit

Direct contacts are dwarves who know of the existence of the Guardians and play a role within the organization, but are not on the council.

Indirect ContactsEdit

Indirect contacts do not know of the existence of the Guardians but play a role within the organization as a whole.


The mission of the Demongate Guardians is to work secretly to keep the fortress safe from threats both within and without, rooting out magic users and other enemies of the fortress. As a secret organization, their presence is not known outside of their members.


Anyone who would threaten Demongate is considered an enemy of the Guardians, as are those who would use magic in order to further their own goals. One of their main goals is the determination of the situation in Castle Helgarde.

Specific enemies of the Guardians include:

While the guardians do not currently know of the existence/hostility of these three factions, they serve as examples of those the Guardians oppose.


As of 666, the Guardians possessed impressive power and resources due to Brenzen's overseership. They formed the Hellguard, expanded the defenses of Demongate, and otherwise moved the course of events within the fortress. However, as a secret organization, their powers without an acting overseer are largely dependent on the ability of their members to influence the current overseer. It is unclear to what extent the loyalty of the Hellguard will be able to offset this, as the majority of the Hellguard are newer recruits.


One of the first major actions taken by the Guardians was a complete revamping of the defensive structure of the fortress. The plans for the redesign were drawn up by Ingish, and Sir Brenzen ordered their implementation as overseer of the fortress. The second step taken by the Guardians was the formation of the Hellguard. These two squads, who take orders directly from the council, were the idea of Tun as a means of securing the council's influence should the need ever arise.

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