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The Evening Prayer is a traditional meeting beetween authorities of Demongate. It's held at Brother Cornelius' chapel and involves a lot of fine drinks, chatting on various matters and having fun.

Over the three years of its existence, Evening Prayers has been attended by more and more powerful dwarves, leading to the prayer group (hopefully while sobre) running large parts of the fortress in an organized fashion, essentially serving as a 'shadow government' when the Overseer is a non-member.

Rules of Evening Prayer

  1. Everyone is equal here at the face of Gods and mugs of booze.
  2. Respect your Prayer's companions regardless of your political quarells.
  3. Bring your finest drinks and snacks to sacrifice them.
  4. The Prayer is over when all its participants are incapable of binding words together.
  5. Never talk about Evening Prayer to the uniniated.

Known Members