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FallenAngel is a bodysurfer who decided to surf over to Demongate after hearing reports of its riches and bloodshed.



FallenAngel II

The Unknown One

FallenAngel III

FallenAngel IV

That One Guy That Does The Things

Race Currently Dwarf, original race unknown
Gender Prefers to bodysurf into male bodies

Whatever his current body did

Legendary Bodysurfer

Lots and lots of magic, primarily thaumatic, but some shamanic magic as well, if need be.

Fisherdwarf/masonry conscript (FallenAngel IV)

Affiliation Demongate



Not much is known about the prior history of FallenAngel, although it is known that he has a brother who speaks to the holder through Ob Kat.


It is unknown at which point exactly FallenAngel entered Demongate, although his first known body was 137 years old when he died and came to Demongate on the year 654. His second known body was 146 years of age and came to Demongate on the year 660. (WILL BE UPDATED SOON TO INCLUDE III AND IV)


Due to the various inadequacies of his bodies, FallenAngel is prone to inventing various things. These include a machine that transfers a soul to another object, a magic mirror that lets you become a mirror image of someone, and various other things.


Despite his bodyswapping tendencies, he does not retain the personalities of the bodies he occupies. He is rather passive. He is also very reckless since death means nothing to him at all. Given that he only knows life as a bodysurfer, he doesn't care much at all when anyone else dies. He is fairly unstable mentally and has almost no logical reason for most things he does.


FallenAngel in his first two incarnations was only truly known by the relatives of his body. His third and fourth had a few non-relative friends.

Besides the temporary mortal relatives he acquires, FallenAngel has one known relative, his brother. His brother and him both were seperated during an unknown childhood accident that ended in FallenAngel becoming a bodysurfer and his brother being trapped in the spiritual plane. His brother currently speaks with the world through Thane's artifact, Ob Kat. Recently, following a battle with Thane, Fallen managed to bring his brother back and place him in a new body.