I promised to write one, and write one I shall.

The battle against the dwarf with the mask was going bad, people were almost ded. Noises that were loudlike were heard and then a fist broke the door. It was RisenDemon, dribbling a boulder and holding a laser powered by the same magical energy that reveals vampires, because why not? He shot the laser at the almost dead people and they were not almost dead anymore. "PASS ME THE ROCK DUDE" shouted FallenAngel, who had the boulder thrown at him; he grabbed it and drove it into the masked dwarf's skull. RisenDemon then hit the masked dwarf in the face with the door until there was odd magic dwarf paste everywhere.

Just as everyone thought the plot was over and they could live dwarfily ever after, the fortress began to shake. "OH NOES" shouted a random dwarf who isn't significant and just here to say that. A loud voice boomed through the fortress. "ALL REACTOR CORE SAFEGUARDS ARE NOW NON-FUNCTIONAL". "WTFROFLBBQ" shouted the same insignificant dwarf. FallenAngel shouted to everyone, including the insignificant dwarves, "imma solve this because idk" and he jumped down the staircase, somehow remaining uninjured despite the fact the fall is geologically a couple miles. RisenDemon, Thanatos, Dantheman, and the other people whose names I can't remember off-hand grabbed a bunch of dwarves (and a bunch of booze) and climbed outside.

Down close to the mantle, FallenAngel picked up an inexplicable minigun and started shooting down stuff before finally reaching the reactor core nobody knew they had. A familiar loud voice boomed while he was figuring out how to prevent the reactor from doing bad things. "HELLO DWARF" it said. FallenAngel tried shooting it with the minigun but ran out of convenient bullets. "I AM GOBLiN; THAT STANDS FOR GRATUITOUSLY OUTRAGEOUS BINARY LITH-" but then FallenAngel strangled the AI with a hanging plot thread. FallenAngel began pressing buttons but accidentally the whole thing and was dead, but then he remembered he could body surf and took over a small robot I didn't mention was there and escaped before the fortress was accidentally.

Then Armok saw what the heck happened after drunking himself up somewhat and made it rain gallons of blood because it was boring, and then everybody went insane.


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