The FractalEntity is a misterious being that has appeared in both Steelhold and Demongate.



The Crazy One

Race Unknown - passes for Dwarf
Gender Unknown - passes for Male
Profession Varies

Steelhold (Former)




The FractalEntity was intially from another dimension. Through some unknown process, it became 'unstuck' from its home dimension and began an uncontrollable journey through the myriad of universes in the multiverse. The Entity's main goal was to build a device to end this journey, allowing it to return home or at least regain control of its inter-universal movement.

At some point the Entity was incarcerated in a prison-fortress called Swordthunders, which is implied to have met an extremely chaotic, undead-related violent death. Here the Entity created Das Ebal, a book detailing the history and secrets of Swordthunders that occasionally eats people. This artifact gives off large amounts of thaumic emissions.

Machinations, Magic and RebellionEdit


Overseer & BanishmentEdit


Return & DissappearanceEdit



Fractal, now calling itself the Crazy One, was revealed to have survived and escaped Steelhold through an extremely vaguely described series of magical shennanigans. It is also revealed that the Entity is in fact utilizing an artificial body to remain in this world - this body is now wearing down, causing Fractal to become even less sane than previously. Fractal settled in Demongate, where none of the dwarves were yet aware of its true identity.

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