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Gnora was a major figure in the fortress Demongate. One of the founding seven members, she was usually a farmer—covering several fields, including milking and soap-making—though she served as the third overseer of the fort and as the sheriff in 655.



Race Dwarf



Farm Girl





Gnora grew up in a small, rustic fortress in the mainland. When she grew to adulthood, she desired to take up farming, which she considered a noble profession. Much to her chagrin, the small fort obtained most of its food from trade and from hunt. Thus, Gnora was assigned to plot of land much smaller than she would have liked, and with very few seeds to plant and grow. She lived her live discontentedly for several years at this place.

Come time for the Demongate expedition to begin, liaisons were sent to the fortresses of The First Iron to recruit volunteers. Eager to escape to a new frontier—and entirely unaware of the reason behind the expedition—she signed up immediately, and was sent on the wagon to the site of the new fortress.

The Wagon Ride

During the wagon ride up to Demongate, Gnora was somewhat put-off by the other founders, most notably Vladimir Uristovitch. With him, she had a loud fight over the usefulness of farming, resulting in a prolonged, mutual dislike between the two. Gnora spent most of her time on the trip writing in her journal, which was given to her at the start of the expedition in accordance with tradition.

Outpost Farming

Upon arrival at the fortress, Gnora quickly took to planting crops at the farms and brewing drinks at the still. Thus, she became increasingly experienced, and was able to plant more efficiently to grant herself more free-time. With more time, she began to express concerns over the lack of traps in the fortress. By the time she brought the matter up with Thane, however, control of the fort had already been shifted to Sir Brenzen. At this point, she began to become increasingly suspicious and frustrated with the knight, suspecting him of being a noble conspiring to take tyrannical command of Demongate.

At the time of the Test of Faith, these suspicions reached their apex. Gnora began to voice her opinions to other dwarves, including Dantheman, despite Gnora herself not wishing to believe in her own worries. Sir Brezen, perhaps aware of her suspicions, and weary from other criticism, passed the his position of overseer onto Gnora, much to her surprise.

Career as Overseer

Despite having no experience whatsoever in political science, Gnora was determined to oversee the growth of the fortress as best as she could. Early developments include the ban on use of tallow in meals and the expansion of mines down into the caverns, which ironically allowed the hunters that she was not known for liking expand their range of game. (WIP)