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Goblins are long-time enemies of dwarvenkind, bent on utter destruction of everything that bearded engineers try to build. Still, the most significant losses dwarves inflict on themselves without aid from their greenskin friends, who are left utterly annihilated from year to year.

Notorious bastards

Still, even in this bunch of traitorous backstabbing losers prominent figures might appear. The most treasured score for each goblin is a number and quality of dwarven skulls he has collected. They get their horrific reputation in dwarven tales practically the same way. So, behold.

Stozu Monsterenjoyed

She is, perhaps, the most hated goblin even after her death. Being a part of assault force in Atu's Siege, she was the one to kill Gob, kind of avenging her fallen leader. It would be a feat if done in fair combat. Obviously, it wasn't fair. In the end of battle, she became the one to end earthly life of Warden Jackal. She fled under valleys of bolts after Lenehan has finally allowed support troops onto battlefield, and got stuck in a cage trap.

Stozu had reappeared in records in 256 - only to receive her rightful place in oblivion at the hands of Emdief, who would soon receive his nickname "Twiceborn" and begin his glorious yet short life anew.

Ngokang Werehood the Pale Controllers


Nako Diedghouls the Humorous Throat

Seventh Attempted Abduction at Steelhold (WIP)

Amxu Cruelfainted the Vile Decency of Battle

was short, with crimson hair and gray skin (WIP)