The Hellguard consists of two full squads of military dwarves whose loyalties lie with the Demongate Guardians.

Full Name 1st and 2nd squads Hellguard
Current Leadership Melbil Arbanas (First Hellguard)

Beef Vanderhuge (Second Hellguard)

Headquarters The Demon Fortress
Affiliation Demongate (ostensibly)

Demongate Guardians


The squad of the 1st Hellguard was originally founded under the reign of Helgarde, taken directly from the forces that made up the 2nd Crossbow. By the year 666, the 1st Hellguard had been wiped out almost to the last dwarf, and Sir Brenzen moved their surviving member over to the 1st Crossbow after the untimely demise of an elite marksdwarf in that squad.

The Hellguard as an extension of the Demongate Guardians was founded shortly afterwards, on the suggestion of Tun, mayor of Demongate. Taking the advise of Thane, Sir Brenzen gave the two squads to Melbil Arbanas and Beef Vanderhuge, though only Melbil knew the true nature of their mission to start.


Ostensibly, the Hellguard exists to maintain constant vigilance over the Demon Fortress and train soldiers to defend from any attack from beneath the ground. While they do perform this task, the real purpose of the Hellguard is to defend Demongate from internal threats.

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