Jackal was the first and only warden of Steelhold, who fought and died for the fortress he had helped to found.




Warden Jackal

Race Dwarf
Gender Male

Warden of Steelhold

Militia Commander



Steelhold Guards


The Founding of SteelholdEdit

Jackal was one of the original seven dwarves to travel to Steelhold, and one of only two who was not a criminal (the other being Jovus).  During the long journey to Steelhold, he fell in love with one of his inmates, Modi, starting the downward spiral of the penal colony purpose.

Time as OverseerEdit

Jackal ruled the fortress with a firm but fair hand, calling on the aid of other guards who had arrived when necessary.  He managed to retain relative control of the fortress for a year before one of the more clever prisoners, Sarrak, took it from him.  While still nominally in control of the fortress, in reality his year of relative calm had blinded him to the tensions just under the surface.

Loss of ControlEdit

After Sarrak's overseership, a large-scale prisoner riot began, throwing the fortress into disarray.  Modi took advantage of this to assemble the prisoners into a unified resistance that defeated the Steelhold guard, removing Jackal's rank and taking control of the fortress.


Jackal and Modi both presented problems to Lenehan after the Elf Party leader took power.  During Atu's Siege, Lenehan managed to ensure that both were slain by the goblins to strengthen his position.

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