Lower Steelhold is the name given to the lower levels of Steelhold, near the magma sea.


Lower Steelhold was excavated by Sarrak during her reign as overseer in the year 252. The area was home to a single magma smelter and a single magma forge, neither of which received frequent use. During his reign, Lenehan ignored this area of the fortress, and it became forgotten. When the demon cult took power, however, Lower Steelhold briefly became a hub of activity. Adamantine was mined, more forges were established, and storehouses were built. After Rhaken took power, activity died somewhat, though it was still used continuously until the Fall of Steelhold in 262.


Until the cult took power, Lower Steelhold was virtually abandoned. It was rumored to be the normal haunts of the Masked Dwarf, but as nobody could find him anyway these rumors were never confirmed. During the Masked Dwarf's reign, his cult became active in this region of the fortress. Once Rhaken became overseer everybody knew that Lower Steelhold was where the cult was meeting. Though it was presumed that the Masked Dwarf lived in the depths, only two beings ever found his home: the FractalEntity and Lorius Zane. Nobody knows why the cult had the forges set up, but the forges have never been problematic in any way.

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