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Modi was an inhabitant of Steelhold and is a major figure in folklore and religion.  Her rage burned through the fortress for many years, until she was finally slain during Atu's Siege.

Name/Aliases Modi
Race Dwarf
Gender Female


Captain of the Guard

Affiliation Steelhold



Modi was a soldier in the mountainhome guard when she killed her captain in a fit of "justified" rage.  When the decision to start the Steelhold colony was made, Modi was awaiting court-martial and trial for murder and high treason.  Sentenced to the penal colony, her first act was to seduce the guard, Jackal.

Seizing Power

At the end of the second year in Steelhold, Modi decided that the time had come to seize control of the fortress.  She incited a prison riot, which turned on the Steelhold Guards when they arrived to suppress it.  Stripping Jackal as his position as warden, she took the reigns of the fortress.




Under the reign of Lenehan, the military was ordered out when a goblin siege arrived, placing Modi and Jackal in a dangerous situation.  When Jackal was slain, Modi went into a rage, her only thought to kill those who slew her beloved.  She was finally struck down, but not before taking many goblins with her.



Modi had a complicated relationship with Jackal.  When she initially seduced him, she thought little of it, but as time went on she began to grow closer to him.  When she betrayed him and seized power, she felt a pang of guilt, and her feelings only grew stronger.

The Masked Dwarf

There were rumors that, during the reign of Lenehan, Jackal and Modi were plotting with the Masked Dwarf to overthrow Lenehan, but nothing was ever proved and the former two died under Lenehan's reign.  When Asmoth and The Masked Dwarf resurrected Modi to help fight Lenehan, Modi rejoiced, only to have the masked prophet dismiss her soul before she could finish Lenehan off.  Modi remains furious about this sleight.




Modi was a dwarf fueled by rage, and the only time she felt calm and at peace was around Jackal, her lover.