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Oku Constructcudgel, also known as the Masked Dwarf, is a human warrior turned high demon priest.

Name/Aliases Oku Constructcudgel/The Masked Dwarf
Race Human (at least originally)
Gender Female

Vampire Hunter (Pre-mask)

Masked Prophet (Post-mask)

Affiliation Unknown



Little is known about the history of Oku before she slew the vampire Tun Cryptscribed.  She was a human hunter of beasts and a formidible warrior, but the rest has been lost to history.


Upon discovering the golden mask and learning its secrets, Oku traveled the world in various guises, going among creatures of all races to preach her message.  Many times she was thought to have died, but Rhaken discovered that every "tomb" was in fact empty.


See the page for The Masked Dwarf.

The Fall of Steelhold

Oku returned to Steelhold on a mysterious mission during the fall of Steelhold.  Upon her arrival, she was attacked by Emdief, who had been reborn in the body of Uristador.  While she was easily able to best the engineer in combat, she did not kill him, prefering to continue her mission.  Before she could get far, the spirits of four champions of the fortress: Modi, Rhaken, Jackal, and Lorius Zane.  The four spirits attacked relentlessly, heedless of how many bodies were destroyed in the process.  This battle bought Emdief the time he needed to prepare a weapon to kill Oku: a wood opal-tipped arrow with forgotten beast poison.  As Emdief approached, the spirits left, and Emdief was able to jab the arrow into Oku's side before succumbing to his wounds.

The Destruction of Steelhold

The wound inflicted by Emdief proved to be too much for even Oku's power to overcome, and as she lay dying, the immense magical energies within her were released, causing most of the fortress to fall into the magma sea and generate a volcanic eruption from underground that turned the area around the fortress into obsidian.


It has been discovered that Oku managed to survive the destruction of Steelhold due to the adamantine enhancements to her body. She arrived at Demongate towards the beginning of the year 666, with unknown intent. While she still appears in the guise of the Masked Dwarf, the mask she wears is a copy: the real mask is sewn into the chest of Shank.