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Olin was a lowly farmworker promoted to the ranks of the knighthood by emergency appointment during the Test of Faith.

Names/Aliases Olin
Race Dwarf
Gender Female


Knight of St. Zane (by emergency appointment)



Knights of St. Zane



Little is known of Olin's life before Demongate, other than her marriage to her husband and her work in the farming industry.

Early Demongate

Olin was one of the early migrants to Demongate, alongside her husband.  She served as a famer and a hauler, not being selected for any glamorous jobs.

Test of Faith

During Sir Brenzen's test of faith, Olin was the one who finally volunteered to sacrifice herself for the fortress.  She did so out of love for her husband and friends, so that none of them would have to die in her place.  She was greatly humbled that Sir Brenzen declared her worthy of the knighthood, and accepted the honor in order to better defend those she cared about.


Shortly after the Test of Faith, Olin began working together with Tarmid and Sir Brenzen on their various duties.  One time, when she went to visit Tarmid, she found him not in his room, and ended up drawn to a copy of the Codex Arcana.  She took the book on a whim and began to teach herself magic, though how much she learned before her demise is unknown.




Sir Brenzen: Sir Brenzen and Olin worked closely together during their time in the knighthood, and Olin held him in the highest regard for his devotion to defending the fortress from those that would tear it down.  Contrary to some rumors, however, the two were never romantically involved.

Tarmid: Olin and Tarmid also worked together, though considerably less often than she did with Sir Brenzen.  She respected his knowledge but had a slight, though unexpressed, disdain for his preference for books over defense.