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Project Immortality was Asmoth's attempt to turn Steelhold into a fortress of vampires, utilizing Lenehan's notes from the Day of Reckoning and the blood of Steelhold's resident vampire, Ilral.


In the autumn of the year 260, Asmoth called most of Steelhold's population to a small room with a single well, offering them the choice of joining the ranks of her vampires or being consumed by them, and claiming that the dwarves of Steelhold would become superior to those who had imprisoned them in this way. Some, such as the king consort and Asmoth herself, had already drunk the vampire's blood to convince the others it was safe, while those seen as likely opposition, such as Shank were left until the only choice was to join the vampires or die. In the end, one hundred and ten dwarves took part in Project Immortality.


During and after the project, the bloodlust of the new vampires proved too much for many of them, and as Asmoth promised, those who did not, as she put it, ascend were consumed by those who did.. More than seventy dwarves died in the last months of 260, but in spite of this Asmoth declared the project a success.

The Purge

After Asmoth stepped down as leader of Steelhold, a previously unknown dwarf by the name of Kairus took control, imprisoning most of the vampires in the fortress and then incinerating them in a flood of magma.