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Sarrak, usually remembered as Sarrak the Mad, was a dwarf and former Overseer of Steelhold. She plotted against Steelhold Guards, orchestraiting a chain of events which lead their eventual downfall at the hands of Modi.



Sarrak the Mad

Psychopathic Brawler

Race Dwarf

Female (In Life)

Neuter (As Ghost)


Butcher (In Life)

Ghostly Scribe (Afterwards)





Sarrak was ill-known for her sadistic streak and bloody disfigurement of animals even prior recruitment into self-defense force. There, her bloodlust became so prominent, that she was sentenced to a penal colony after torturing a pair of unlucky goblin thiefs for her own amusement and attacking her fellow comrade.

Weaving plots


As Overseer


Ritual and death


Fall of Steelhold



In general, she made friends quickly and effortlessly. Yet, deep inside, she made sure to never let emotions play any part in her social life. All dwarves mentioned below were tricked and swayed into following her goals through the bonds of "friendship".

  • Jackal: Due to ironical twist of fate and shadow genius combinatorics, he became very close with Sarrak over the first year of colony, considering her a real friend and suitable consoler. That played exactly how intended when he got so smitten with Modi he couldn't help it anymore. First person he talked to about this was no one else than Mad Butcher. Pushing him over the edge at this point was a matter of time.
  • Modi: They were kind of comrades. With ideal - completely untrusting and selfish - "friendship" on both sides (Sarrak got her to seduce Jackal to eliminate opposition for her hidden rule, while Modi forgot to check her starving 'friend' and discarded the former Overseer corpse into mass-burial crypt). Interestingly, Modi always believed Sarrak to be male.



Sarrak was tall and golden-eyed, but quite fragile for a person with such reputation. She had deep maniacal tendencies hidden under her mirthful, somewhat outgoing attitude. While many befriended her pretty quickly, she kept to herself. Mostly it was due to her being a stone-hearted calculative sociopath with bloody fluffy obsession.

Following her return as a ghost, Sarrak got a bit less mad in some aspects of her personality, yet much less sane in others. Notably, it included total loss of empathy, obsession with recording passing events in her ghostly journal and drawing deep emotional satisfaction from vampire-demonical struggle.

Interesting fact: Sarrak really liked caves. For "their three toes". Which leads to some quite horrific assumptions.