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This page is no longer in use. For more information, see Sir Brenzen the Bold

Sir Brenzen is a member of the knights of St. Zane, an order dedicated to the eradication of the bloodkin and magic.

Name/Aliases Sir Brenzen


Sir Brenzen the Bold

Sir Brenzen, High Magebane of the Order of the Knights of St. Zane

Race Dwarf




Militia Commander of Demongate (temporary)

High Magebane of the Order of the Knights of St. Zane



The Order of the Knights of St. Zane


Before being deployed to Demongate, Sir Brenzen was a Low Magebane of the Order of the Knights of St. Zane.  Little is known about his past beyond the fact that he is an orphan. (WIP)

Deployment to Demongate

As part of the defensive initiative taken by the northern dwarves against invsion, the Knights of St. Zane funded the initial expedition to Demongate.  They chose Sir Brenzen as their representative because of his reputation for honesty and honor, as well as his willingness to pay whatever price to acheive peace and security.  He was the only member of the embarking dwarves who knew the true mission of the fortress: the others were under the impression that the fortress was simply being founded to expand the reach of the northern empires.

Time at Demongate


Upon his arrival at Demongate, Sir Brenzen took up a pickaxe to help dig out the initial fortress alongside Artyom Barkov.  He deferred to Thane as the unspoken leader of the fortress, until such a time as military action would be required.


When Thane stepped down from her duties at the end of the first year, she instructed Sir Brenzen to take charge of the fortress as a whole.  Upon a suggestion from Gnora about trapping the fortress's entrance, he took it upon himself to order the construction a great wall around the entrance, with places set aside for the trade depot and the barracks, which was also the only way into the fortress.  He also spent time digging out a secret area known as the vault, where stores of food and booze were stored alongside the tools the dwarves would need should the military be overrun by invaders.  The keys were given only to Tarmid and Artyom: a Scribe of St. Zane and his fellow miner, respectively.

The Test of Faith

Most of the way through the year, Sir Brenzen felt the need to test the faith of the dwarves under his control.  He called all of the dwarves to a meeting in the main dining hall and asked for one volunteer willing to die for the fortress.  After a large outcry, Olin finally stepped forward.  Sir Brenzen had her kneel with her head bowed as he lifted his pickaxe high and brought it down... lightly to rest on the top of her head.  He knighted her for her bravery, and she joined his squad as a recruit.




Vlad: Sir Brenzen has a soldiers respect for Vlad, but otherwise dislikes the latter's uncouth mannerism.

Tarmid: Sir Brenzen works closely with Tarmid, as the two are members of the same order.