Sir Brenzen, also known as Sir Brenzen the Bold, is a Knight of St. Zane and one of the founders of Demongate.  He is well known for his skill in combat and his unusual weapon of choice: the pickaxe.

Name/Aliases Sir Brenzen


Sir Brenzen the Bold

Race Dwarf
Gender Male

High Magebane of the Knights of St. Zane

Militia Commander (Demongate)

Miner (Demongate)

Council Member of the Demongate Guardians


Knights of St. Zane


Demongate Guardians

Evening Prayer



At a young age, Sir Brenzen's parents were killed by a mysterious warrior whose identity Sir Brenzen has never known.  The Knights of St. Zane, of which both his parents were members, accepted him into their ranks, and he demonstrated incredible aptitude that led to his rapid advancement through the ranks.  When the Knighthood was asked to send a warrior with the expedition to found Demongate, the council of Masters elected to send Sir Brenzen with the expedition.

First YearEdit

In the first year of the fortress, Sir Brenzen served as the fortress's head miner, mining out a large chunk of the fortress alongside Artyom Barkov.  In the first year, one of his friends from the Scribes (an order associated with the knights who kept the history of the order), named Tarmid, arrived at the fortress, and the two have worked together ever since.

Taking ChargeEdit

After the first year, Sir Brenzen was given overseership of the fortress to establish a strong military presence.  His main projects included the formation of a small military, the building of The Vault, and an attempt to inspire the dwarves of the fortress to serve the fortress before themselves.  Known as the Test of Faith, he asked that one dwarf who was willing to sacrifice their lives for the fortress step forward.  After much public outcry and a near riot, a farmer named Olin stepped forth.  Sir Brenzen knighted her on the spot, and the rest of the year proceeded as normal.

The Long BreakEdit

After stepping down from the overseership, little was heard from Sir Brenzen.  He kept mostly to himself in the barracks, particularly after Vlad rearranged every other dwarf out of his sqaud following the death of Olin.  The only dwarf he talked to on a regular basis was Tarmid, and together they did everything they could think of to get information on the nature of the Bloodkin and the threats facing Demongate.  During this time, Sir Brenzen was promoted from a Low Magebane to a High Magebane, by order of the Council.

Second OverseershipEdit

Sir Brenzen was once again made overseer during the year 666, following the resignation of Brother Cornelius from the position. The night before he took over, however, Sir Brenzen had a dream that would shape his life. He dreamed of the bloodkin arriving in massive numbers, sweeping over the fortress, when suddenly the whole world seemed to freeze. A voice spoke to him, telling him that he was born to magic and that the order had been lying to him all along. When he woke up, he confronted Tarmid, who admitted that the Order had told a few lies in order to recruit young, idealistic dwarves to their cause. A check with Tarmid's thaumometer revealed that Sir Brenzen radiated a powerful magical aura, which seemed to flicker in and out of existence. On their parting, Sir Brenzen requested, and was given, a copy of an unspecified magical text, though what he has done with it is unknown. He soon called the Demongate Guardians together to deal with any future threats to the fortress.

After a massive goblin siege that killed one of the fortress's farmers and an elite marksdwarf, Brenzen rearranged the military and refilled it's ranks with fresh recruits. He also formed the hellguards in order to ensure that the guardian's presence would be felt even after his overseership ended. He also ordered the restructuring of Demongate's defenses, which he perceived as insufficient for the task.


Sir Brenzen is a gruff, reserved figure, but has the force of presence to take charge of situations.  He is well known in the fortress for his skill in combat, having never been wounded in all of his battles.

Recently, however, things have taken a turn for the worse.  Sir Brenzen received a message in the form of a dream from an unkown source, which spoke to him of the lies of the knighthood and Sir Brenzen's power in magic.  On confronting Tarmid, he learned that much of what was said had been true, and that the knighthood had been lying to them this whole time.  Sir Brenzen has seemingly withdrawn, while also initiating a program and group that he and Tarmid had conceived of for emergency situations: the Demongate Guardians.


Vlad: At first, Sir Brenzen held little respect for Vlad, who he considered an uncouth mercenary.  However, as the two began to get to know each other and fight alongside each other, Sir Brenzen developed a grudging respect for Vlad.  The two eventually became friends, and Sir Brenzen attended Vlad's funeral when the later perished in battle.

Tarmid: As a member of the Scribes of St. Zane, Tarmid has worked closely with Sir Brenzen throughout the life of the fortress.

Thane: Through numerous interactions with her, Sir Brenzen has developed a friendship with Thane, though recent events (most notably involving Ob Kat) have driven them somewhat apart.

Military ServiceEdit

Sir Brenzen is one of Demongate's most formidable warriors, wearing full adamantine armor and armed with a named bismuth bronze pickaxe. No foe has been known to wound him in battle, though recently he has begun to doubt that his strength in combat is entirely due to martial skill alone.

Thaumateurgy and Sir BrenzenEdit

Recently, it was discovered that Sir Brenzen clocks in at 58 dwarums on Tarmid's thaumometer. However, his magical aura has a bizarre anomaly: it fades in and out seemingly at random, spending most of its time deactivated. After this discovery, along with the discovery of the lies the Order has told him, Tarmid gave him a copy of an unspecified magical text, though it is unclear if Sir Brenzen is using the text at all or is even capable of magic through normal means. Along with the "discovery" of a few additional types of magic, such as FallenAngel's shamanistic magic and FractalEntity's time-warping powers, leads to the conclusion that perhaps not all magic is from the same source.

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