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Somneth was a lifelong miner, profession prevalent in his family.



Escape Artist

Race Dwarf
Gender Male



Affiliation Steelhold



Some time before arrival to Steelhold, he got arrested for stealing a simple piece of bread. Ironically, it happened because he was losing his job to a forced prison labor. He quickly realized this and got used to prison, attempting to escape nearly a dozen time - only to get caught and have his sentence doubled. Then tripled. Soon, it was simply noted as "Indefinite".

His apparent cunning and skill that had allowed him to make endless escape attempts, brought him much attention when orders to build a penal colony came. He was good with orders, fairly smart, and a hard worker... Always looking for a way out. On the deserted coast, last part was irrelevant.

Arrival, life and death

He arrived at Steelhold on 1st Malachite of 252 and became a full-time miner. Nothing special was known about him before he took part in Steelhold-Goblin war, killing one of the attackers. In the year 253, late autumn, he supposedly succumbed to the infection which he could have received in the battle he fought. Some say that he finally managed to escape penal colony, fooling records and settling somewhere safe.


The Queen's records have him as the only son of Besmar Rimfound and Urdim Razorboulder. In the year 223, he married Id Bannersplashes. They had one son and one daughter, but tragedy saw them both dead and his wife a vampire. Even if both he and his wife had not perished, his line and his father's line has ended, as by the laws set by Armok he cannot remarry or have children with other than his wife, and his wife cannot conceive due to her condition.


Somneth had a somewhat controversial personality. Very calm, friendly and modest, he had no friends to speak of and was marked as criminal. He prayed to five gods, especially Bobrur Fragranceglitter the Bodices of Romancing (children, pregnancy and marriage) and Tad the Mastery of Zeniths (duty and balance). He also stated that he had a big family and loving wife and daughter. Sadly, it was no more than a self-induced lie.