The Steelhold Wiki Award for Excellency is a defunct award given out by the overseer to people—citizens and non-citizens alike—who pledge themselves to the values of Gnorm and the Steelhold Wiki, fight for freedom, and do not put up with LIBERAL shit.


Upon observing a brave and valiant effort against a LIBERAL on the Bay 12 Games Forums, Gnorm was inspired to create an award to honor and commemorate all heroes who fight under the banner of what is good and true.


There was only ever one recipient of the award.


The only recipient of the award, CaptainMcClellan won the Steelhold Wiki Award for Excellency for his brave indictment of a crazy tranny on the Bay 12 Games Forums. He sets an example for all to follow, despite being a non-citizen. Surviving records of his battle are archived here.

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