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Thane is a weaponsmith who was sent to Demongate after offending a noble with an overly honest assessment of one of his ideas.

Name/Aliases Thane
Race Dwarf




Militia Captain (1st Hammer)

Manager (Formerly))

Aspiring Champion

Hammerer (Demongate)




Thane was among the first to arrive at Demongate, and became the fortress' first overseer. She initially disguised herself as a male upon arrival at the fortress for unknown reasons. During her term as overseer, she attempted to create a firm foundation for the bastion that Demongate was meant to become. After a year, she decided to pass command of the fortress to Brenzen, citing inexperience with the military matters that the fortress needed as well as wanting to get Demongate's records up to scratch. During this year, she also became romantically involved with Vladamir Uristovitch.

During Brenzen's reign, Thane began to regret her choice in successor after Brenzen's test of faith. Her distrust of the Knights of St. Zane was reduced when she became a student under Tarmid.

Thane became possessed by forces unknown towards the end of Gnora's term as overseer, completing a war hammer that she called Ob Kat during Tarmid's rule. Believing that she had created the best weapon she was capable of, she asked to join the Demongate militia, forming a squad of inexperienced dwarfs. She went through a period of depression following the death of her squad member Catten during the attack of Ak Mutulu, though appears to have returned to normal after killing a troglodyte.

Thane would take control of Demongate once again after finding Fallen Angel's body and assuming the second Fallen Angel had murdered the first to usurp his position as Overseer. It is generally agreed that leaving her in charge of the fortress was a bad idea, as her developing paranoia and shell shock led her to make several reckless decisions, leading to the deaths of both Gnora and Dantheman. Her reign also saw Talonis Wolf getting jail time for the murder of a farmer, though he would meet his end at Artyom's hands. She resigned her post at the end of the year.

Following Vladamir's death, Thane became more reclusive than ever, rarely being seen outside of training her squad. Nearly a year later, the forgotten beast Ernamvim was struck down, leading Thane to discover her ability to sense magic. This discovery has brought her into conflict with Fallen Angel again, as well as putting her under suspicion from the resident Knights of St Zane.


Thane was originally direct and honest, believing that people should be able to get on with what they need to do without the interference of religion or nobility. After joining the militia, she began to display a more bloodthirsty side, though this could simply be a coping mechanism. Following the deaths of several people close to her and the discovery of the identity of her longtime stalker, she became bitter and cynical, with little regard for the feelings of those other than the few friends who remained alive.


Thane became friends with Vladimir Uristovitch on the journey to Demongate, and later became romantically involved with him. How their relationship began is unknown, but Thane implies that copious amounts of alcohol were involved. They share a dislike of nobility, and Thane appreciates his direct approach to life. His death left her angry and bitter.

She has an unusual relationship with Sir Brenzen. While she dislikes his serious attitude, Thane values the knight's abilities, appointing him as leader of the fortress when she stepped down. The two would become friends, but Thane is well aware that his service to the Knights of St. Zane comes first.

Thane is learning history and various other subjects from Tarmid, and the two seem to have mutual trust if not a close friendship. With the decline of Tarmid's school, the two didn't associate as much.

In spite of her dislike of Vladamir, Gnora was Thane's friend.

Dantheman was stalking Thane for reasons unknown, though she was unaware of who was following her until the attack of a forgotten beast. Her discovery would lead to Dan's death.

Cornelius was briefly Thane's drinking buddy.

Thane and Thaumateurgy

Thane has no ability to use magic whatsoever, but is able to detect it and drain it from an area. She needs to be in contact with Ob Kat to use this ability, though this is only because of a mental block.