The Demon Fortress under Demongate was a mysterious structure filled with undead. It has since been converted into a barracks for the 1st and 2nd Hellguard.


How and why the mysterious demon fortress was created is unknown, as is how it is made out of the undiggable material slade. At the bottom level of the fortress lies an adamantine sword imbedded in the ground, next to a glowing floor. It is presumed that pulling up this sword would open a gate to Hell, and to prevent this statues have been placed around the sword and floor.

Discovery and ClearingEdit

The slade fortress was discovered by the miners of Demongate during the year 655, while the fortress was under Gnora's control. Access to the fortress would be prohibited by the order of Vladamir in the year 658 in the interest of public safety, and knowledge of the dark fortress was suppressed.


In the year 666, the demon fortress took on a new role as the training area of the Hellguard, two squads of soldiers dedicated to watching over the fortress and defending against threats from below.

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