The Dented Attack, also known as Sasluuzum, Atu's Siege or The Siege of Steelhold, began as just another goblin attempt to take the fortress of Steelhold. It was made 17th of Galena in year 254. Interestingly, in spite of many factors which played on Dwarven side, it ended with a bloody massacre, and became the most notable battle in the Steelhold-Goblin War.

Insight (highly opinionated)Edit

Actually, it was a decided battle from the start. Current Overseer of the fortress, Lenehan, saw a perfect opportunity to get rid of his political opponents. Not only he closed the gates behind Steelhold defenders, he went as far as giving support troops stationary orders in the midst of battle, leaving the rest to be finished by hordes of greenskins.

Strength of sidesEdit

According to the records, nearly sixty goblins, led by a human warlord Atu Malignedtrots (who rode into battle on a personally trained jabberer), were opposed by twelve dwarves, mostly latest recruits along with a few hardened veterans.

Flow of battleEdit

Firstly, everything seemed to play on dwarven side. Their forces were supported by human mercenaries who guarded trade caravan. A support troops were on their way onto surface. The first casualty was actually the fearsome Atu himself, his intelligence-oriented brain bashed open by Gob. Then it slowly went downwards...


Notable casualituesEdit

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