The Gloves of Admiring was a dwarven civilization of the Dracular Plane. In 250, Queen Brasswords ordered the creation of Steelhold.

Symbol Edit

Its symbol is called Stegeth Urist (The Organization of Daggers) and is a well-designed image of a square cut gem.

Enemies Edit

As many dwarven civilizations, The Gloves of Admiring have their own "wall of enemies", where all its enemies, small or great, alive, dead or undead, are engraved, forever to be cursed to the firey pools of magma of Armok and to living memory.

Name Species Special skills Year of transgression Birth Death
Zotho Clashedscratches Minotaur - 2
Ustru Graveumbras Crone Moon crone 3
Ur Perfectsculpts Hydra - 3
Ozlu Vineeyes Ogre Blind cave orge 5
List Trapskewered Troll - 5
Kebul Tinoil Cyclops - 5
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