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The Masked Dwarf was one of the great movers and shakers of the fortress of Steelhold, and one who might have brought the fortress to it's knees, given time.


Masked Dwarf


The Masked Prophet


Appears: Dwarf

Actual: Human


Appears: Male

Actual: Female


Prophet of the True Gods



True Gods

Steelhold Cult


Arrival of the Masked Dwarf

Nobody knew where he had come from or who he really was.  Almost nobody saw him, and those who did feared for their sanity.  He lurked in the shadows, just outside of the vision of mortals, attracting no attention and taking no action.  Biding his time.

The Battle against Lenehan

The Masked Dwarf played a major role in the battle against Lenehan, for the first time revealing much of "his" power.

The Defeat of Lenehan

The Masked Dwarf eventually stepped from the shadows for a showdown against the elf party baron Lenehan .  Working with the help of Asmoth, he used the rage embodied in Modi to raise her from the dead.  He watched as Modi defeated Lenehan in single combat, then stepped from the shadows, sending Modi's soul back to it's rest.

The Conversion of Lenehan

Upon dismissing Modi's soul, the Masked Dwarf approached Lenehan, and working a massive feat of thaumaturgy he consigned Lenehan's soul to the "true gods".

Brief Overseership

After the death of Lenehan, the Steelhold Cult, and through it, the masked dwarf, were the strongest force in the fortress.  The Masked Dwarf leveraged this influence to order the construction of magma forges and the initiation of mining adamantine.  A massive storehouse was built to hold the adamantine, but was not filled, due to much of the adamantine mysteriously disappearing.  The Masked Dwarf had been moving large quantities of adamantine to his own personal quarters, for experimentation.  The reasoning behind the forges is unknown, as the forges were never used by the cult.

Passing the Torch

After a brief time as overseer, the Masked Dwarf approached Rhaken, offering to hand over control of the fortress to the spymaster.  Rhaken was hesitant to accept, but eventually did, taking the mantle of overseer of Steelhold.

A Groundbreaking Discovery

Towards the end of the reign of Rhaken, it was discovered that the Masked dwarf was not male: indeed, "he" was not a dwarf at all.  The masked dwarf was really a female human warrior named Oku, who was reported to have died long ago.

A Startling Truth

Towards the end of the masked dwarf's presence in Steelhold, it was discovered that she had been drawing strands of adamantine into her body, augmenting her magical powers and possibly reducing her reliance on her gods.

The Departure of the Masked Dwarf

One day, the masked dwarf called the remnents of the cult together under mysterious circumstances.  Nobody knows for sure what happened, but the cultist were found dead much later and the masked dwarf has never been seen since and is presumed to have fled.

Fall of Steelhold

The Masked Dwarf returned during the fall of Steelhold battling against the four champions of the fortress. It was seemingly slain by Emdief using an incredibly potent weapon, and it's death throes destroyed the entire fortress in fire.

Return of the Masked Dwarf

During Demongate, the Masked Dwarf was revealed to have survived the destruction of Steelhold, if only barely. It related the story of spending a century in weakness, wracked by horrible pain, before recovering due to the strands of adamantine it had drawn into its body. What it wants and its reasons for reappearing are yet unknown.

Beliefs of the Masked Dwarf

Little was known about the masked dwarf except that he supposedly worshipped the demons deep under the earth, a power he referred to as the "true gods".

The Cult of the Masked Dwarf

The masked dwarf established a cult in Steelhold, which persisted up until the time of his departure.

Known Magical Powers

  • Walk in Shadows: The masked dwarf was able to conceal herself in shadows, rendering herself invisible to anyone but other Thaumaturgists and those attuned to magical energies.  The masked dwarf was also capable of moving from place to place in the fortress rapidly using the shadows: nobody knows if these two abilities are related or not.
  • Shadow Blast: A rarely used ability of the Masked Dwarf, she was capable of unleashing blasts of shadows.  Never used against an organic target, their effects are unknown, though suspected to be highly lethal.
  • Raising the dead (?): During the fight against Lenehan, the masked dwarf, with the help of Dr. Asmoth, brought Modi back to life.  Nobody knows if the masked dwarf would be capable of repeating such a feat or if such a thing could be done alone.
  • Mental Attacks: The masked dwarf proved capable of using several types of mental attacks and coercions, most notably the consigning of Lenehan's soul to demons.  He also used another mental effect to interrogate Emdief towards the end of Rhaken's reign as overseer.
  • Defensive effects: Possibly the least well known of the masked dwarf's abilities, mostly because they were never triggered.  It is known that the masked dwarf had wards set up over sensetive areas, but as they remained untriggered nothing more is known.
  • Illusions: Possibly the most used of the masked dwarf's abilities, this is what allowed her to masquerade as a dwarf for so long.  Also, many locations were warded with illusions to defy the sight of casual observers.
  • Magical Negation: When the Masked Dwarf revealed her survival to Corley, she nullified a magical attack that the startled dwarf launched at her. It is known that mages of various types have the ability to nullify each other's power, though the exact extent to which they can do this is unknown.