The Olympians are a group of dwarves from the border territories between north and south who make it their duty to battle the bloodkin.

Full Name The Olympian Council
Current Leadership Unknown, mostly local leaders
Affiliation No known affiliation


Founded as a secret warrior society during the second bloodkin invasion, the Olympians reject the fighting styles of the Northern Knights of St. Zane, instead developing their own strategies to fight bloodkin skirmishers who come north. They operate in secret, because the knights consider them heretics for their unorthodox fighting styles and use of shamanistic magic against the bloodkin.

Olympians at DemongateEdit

The only known Olympian at Demongate is Thanatos, one of the melee combat specialists of the Olympians. His exact reason for being there is unknown, but he has done nothing but serve the fortress since it's founding, and few know of his allegiance to the Olympians.

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