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The Scribes of St. Zane are the primary non-military group associated with the Knights of St. Zane.


The scribes of St. Zane were founded shortly after the knightly order itself, as a group devoted to recording the history of the order. It's role has greatly expanded since the early days, becoming an organization in it's own right, with it's own code and hierarchy. It is now a group of tinkerers, lorekeepers, theologians, and storytellers. Despite their growth as an organization, however, they are still directly tied to the knighthood, but as their power has increased so has their influence on the knighthood.


Ever since their founding, the Scribes have served as historians for the order. However, they now manage all of the books of the order, and their leaders are among the few allowed to read the most vile texts of magic, such as The Codex Arcana. They also create weapons and armor, as well as designing new devices to aid the knighthood in their actions.


It is unclear whether the scribes created their own thaumometers from scratch or if they had a blueprint to work off of, but it is known that they have access to the devices and are quite knowledgeable in them. They have also been known to create large detection arrays that are capable of detecting magic over relatively long distances.

Scribes at Demongate

Tarmid leads the scribes of St. Zane at Demongate and indeed the scribes as a whole as their loremaster. Under him are three novice scribes who work with him in his studies. Unusually among the scribes, they serve as warriors as well as scribes, operating as crossbowmen in the fortress.