The Test of Faith was an event that occurred during the second year of Demongate.


The Test of Faith came towards the end of the overseership of Sir Brenzen the Bold, as an attempt to strengthen the faith of the fortress's residents. He called the entire population to the dining hall for a special meeting, and when they arrived, he began.


Upon everyone arriving in the dining hall, Sir Brenzen calmly requested that one dwarf who was willing to die for the fortress step forward. Ignoring the massive outcry, he observed passively the discomfort of the other dwarves, until finally a farmer named Olin stepped forward. He asked he to kneel, brought up his pickaxe, and brought it down... Gently onto her shoulder and knighted her.


Following the Test of Faith, Sir Brenzen was viewed as being possibly insane and unstable, but those sentiments have largely gone away in his long absence from major fortress politics.

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