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A (current incomplete) timeline of all events witnessed or referenced within canon can be found here.

If anyone wants to update this for more detail, go ahead! Eventually this should list every arrival and death of a named character.

The Idea of "Year 1"

It is not known exactly why the dwarven calender starts at the year it does, but most scholars believe that the world existed in some form before that date.  Occasionally, an explorer will unearth an ancient ruin  pointing to the existance of a civilization of some sort before the known time.  Many fortresses have been destroyed upon uncovering underground structures made of the heavy metal slade.  However, none of the races have any recollection of things before the dwarven year one, a fact that puzzles scholars but forms the basis of most religions, which agree that on that date the world was created.  Very few entities are rumored have enough power to either create a whole new creature or to wipe the mind of all civilized creatures.

Further evidence to this theory is provided by the existance of the FractalEntity and The Masked Dwarf.  Both wield ancient power much older than the known world (although in the prior case this is due to an origin outside the known universe).



  1. The Fundamental Orders of Sprinkledlabour is published, and becomes the basis for how dwarven government is organized.


  1. Likot Lockedgears becomes a vampire


  1. Tun Cryptscribed becomes a vampire


  1. Rhaken joins the Queen's spy circle


  1. Exactly 100 years before the founding of Steelhold, Tun Cryptscribed is slain by Oku Constructcudgel.
  2. A golden mask, long hidden within Tun's lair, is discovered and taken by Oku.


  1. Rhaken is driven from his home in a purge.


  1. Kivish Brasswords, the current queen, is born.


  1. The expedition to Steelhold is chartered by order of Queen Brasswords.
  2. Jackal and Modi have a drunken fling.



  1. The first members of the Imprisoned Crew arrive in Steelhold, under Jackal's wardenship.
  2. The first section of Steelhold's fortifications, a simple walled trade depot, is completed.
  3. The first Goblin and Kobold raids arrive at the fort, but flee without confrontation.


  1. Sarrak successfully pressures Jackal into allowing him to assume some form of authority in the fortress.
  2. The magma sea is discovered.
  3. The random ventillation shafts are first dug. Lenehan would later expand these and use them in the Day of Reckoning.
  4. The caverns are located, but not explored.
  5. Goblin raids escalate into the first true attack on Steelhold, beginning the Steelhold-Goblin War; it is defeated at high cost fo the newly-formed militia.
  6. Discipline sinks so low that the caravan is ransacked.


  1. The prisoners, led by Modi, stage a riot. This ends in her taking control of the fort and abolishing the position of warden.
  2. Sarrak, forgotten in her room, starves to death.
  3. Additional golblin raids are fought off.
  4. After getting carried away and beating a prisoner to death, Modi is arrested (for a period of a few days). Lenehan is decided to be the new ruler of the fort by Jackal, who intends to break the prisoners and restore order.


  1. Lenehan constructs his fancy wooden tomb, Steelhold's road, and expansions to the ventillation system.
  2. More Goblin ambushes are fought off.
  3. A vampire is discovered in Steelhold.
  4. Atu's Siege occurs. Jackal and Modi are struck down in battle, due to Lenehan's scheming.
  5. The fortifications are expanded to encompass a beekeeping area and an archery tower.
  6. The Day of Reckoning occurs; Lenehan commits suicide. The fortress falls into anarchy.


  1. The Masked Dwarf's Cult becomes the single largest organized force in Steelhold, and comissions exploration to find Adamantine. These efforts succeed; the adamantine is subsequently dug out and hidden.
  2. Forges are built in Lower Steelhold, drawing power from the magma sea.
  3. The Masked Dwarf endorses Rhaken and his gang, allowing them to restore order in the fortress.
  4. The fortifications are expanded to fling goblins to their comical demise.
  5. Another full goblin siege arrives.


  1. The siege is defeated. Lenehan's Tomb is desecrated by trolls.

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