These beings were worshipped by the Masked Dwarf and their cult, yet little is known about them and even less about their motives.

What is KnownEdit

Little is known about the so called "true gods" except that they were worshipped by the masked dwarf.  Many thought them to be the demons who lived beneath the adamantine, but a few comments by the masked dwarf hint that this assumption may be incorrect, and that the demons are in fact mad children of the True Gods. However, the masked dwarf fled the fortress before anything could be confirmed.

Emdief once implied that the madness of the demons was inflicted upon them by an unknown entity while threatening the True Gods through Oku. Interestingly, Armok is known to reward dwarves who fight the demons or otherwise thwart the plans of the True Gods, even if they do it through methods he normally would not approve of, such as anything that doesn't involve horrific violence.

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