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Uristador was a dwarf and militia commander in Steelhold.

Name/Aliases Uristador

Dwarf (former)

Vampire (current)

Gender Male
Profession Marble Factioneer


Marble Faction (?)



Uristador was a soldier who wasn't particularly enthusiastic about doing his duties. This led to him accepting bribes and abandoning his post for personal reasons right before an elf attack. Neither of these were ok with the commanders of the Royal Army, and Uristador found himself arrested and deported to Steelhold .

Marble Factioneer

Uristador became a member of the Marble Faction. After the Baronial Army and the renmants of the Revolutionary Guard were wiped out during Armageddon, Uristador enlisted in the militia. Due to his being one of the only dwarves in the fort with actual military experience, he was appointed Militia Commander. He and Jovus became joint heads of the suriving Faction, and made efforts to distribute manifestos outside the fortress via caravans. When Asmoth gave the remaining dwarves the 'choice' of becomming immortal vampires or being eaten, Uristador became a vampire to survive. He was directly responsible for the conersion of the Queen through force, which he regreteed deeply.

During Karius Durtis's reign, he was demoted back to captain under unknown circumstances, but never actually found out about this as he and the other members of the militia were ordered outside the fort and then abandoned when the bridge retracted.

Overseer & Death

After about a year of waiting and fighting off occasional goblin ambushes, Uristador and his dwarves managed to find a way back into the fort to seek medical treatment. To their horror, they found that almost all of the dwarves had been killed when Karius flooded the room he quarantined them in with magma, and that the survivers suffered chronically low morale. As the Overseer was nowhere to be seen, Uristador assumed command of the fort as the highest ranking surviving offical.

However, he was unable to do much, as the fortress immediately fell to a tantrum spiral after a migrant wave arrived and immediately found itself snacked upon. As the fortress went mad, Uristador attempted to rally the remaining sane vampires and abandon the fortress, but instead decided to remain and hopefully die containing the demons in hopes of redemption. He eventually sacrificed himself to allow Emdief to return to the fortress by toppling his memorial and allowing himself to be possesed. His body was killed by Oku, preventing his spirit from returning to his body after Emdief abandoned it.




Uristador is none too bright. Since this is Steelhold, this leads to him frequently being manipulated. What he lacks in intelligence, Uristador makes up in earnestness. A devout Marble Factioneer, Uristador spends a great amount of time worrying that someone is going to take his freedom away. Needless to say, Uristador has very little respect for rules and authority, and only rarely has a clue what he is doing.