A small, somewhat rare gemstone, wood opals are one of the few things capable of dampening magical effects.

Magic DampeningEdit

The magic dampening effects of wood opals is a little known secret discovered by priests of the dwarven gods.  While weak individually, enough wood opals in close proximity can almost entirely shut down magic in an area, rendering it impenetrable to those who would wish to attack the temple with magic. Additionally, the field thus created causes magic users pain, though the mechanism of this ability is not known.


While the magic dampening effects of Wood opals are potent in large quantities, the scarcity of the gems and the lack of knowledge of this property means that many are used as single gemstone decorations, where their magic-dampening fields are almost nonexistant.  However, many ancient temples are studded with the gems, though few know why.

Use in Thaumometers Edit

While sunstones are the usual gem of choice for Thaumometer construction, due to being very common, the thaumometer constructed by Emdief had a wood opal as its core. While Emdief did not know of the magic-dampening properties, the amplification generated by the thaumometer caused the device itself to be invulnerable to magical attacks.

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